Rabi’ul Awwal: The Birth and Death Month of the Holy Messenger

Ibn Kathir explains, “Allah has chosen elites from His creation: from among the angels, He chose Messengers. From among mankind, He chose Messengers. From among speech, He chose dzikr (remembrance of Him). From among spaces on earth, He chose the mosques. From among the the months, He chose Ramadhan and the sacred months. So, venerate […]

From the Land of Water to the Land of Drought

Living in the land of water – maritime islands, swampy areas, coastal areas, or tropical areas – should be a privilege, when somewhere beyond the country borders, lots of people living in arid lands with limited clean water exist. Allah Himself says in Qur’an (6:99), “And it is He who sends down rain from the […]

Shadaqah Sirriyyah to Get the Noblest Jannah

Giving charity is profoundly encouraged in Islam. Allah Himself says in Al-Qur’an al-Karim, “Those who spend their money in the night and in the day, secretly and openly, they will have their reward with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.” [Quran 2:274]. There are however two different ways to […]