Magical Aid During the Battle of Uhud: Gather around the Prophet

All of these events happened quickly. Otherwise, the chosen Muslims who fought on the front lines as the battle progressed, were hardly aware of the development of situation after situation. When they heard the voice of the Messenger of Allah, they immediately approached him, so that nothing untoward happened to him. But when they arrived, he had already got the wounds. Six of the Ansar had been killed, the seventh was unable to do anything because of the many wounds and Sa’d and Talha fought to the death. Upon arrival, they stood around him using their bodies and weapons as fences. That way they can protect him from enemy attacks and can even counter their attacks. The first person to arrive near him was Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq.


Ibn Hibban narrates in his Sahih, from Ayesha, that he said, “Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq said, at the time of the battle of Uhud everyone wanted to approach the Messenger of Allah. I was the first to approach him. I saw in front of him there was someone who fought to guard and protect him. I said, keep shooting, O Talha, my father and mother as your ransom. I could not really see the figure of Abu Ubaidah, because he was fighting like a bird, until finally I was able to approach him. Then together we approached the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who at that time Talhah had fallen on the ground in front of him. He said, leave your brother alone, he is already in heaven. At that time he was hit by an arrow in the cheekbone, releasing two pieces of the circle of his iron hat in that part. I approached him to remove the two iron hat chains on his head. Abu Ubaidah said, by Allah, I beg you, O Abu Bakr, let me handle it myself.”


Abu Bakr said next, Abu Ubaidah bit the iron hat chain with his teeth for fear of hurting the Messenger of Allah, then took it off, until Abu Ubaidah’s incisors became wobbly. Then I wanted to remove the other piece. But Abu Ubaidah said, “By Allah, I beg you, O Abu Bakr, let me handle it myself!”


So Abu Ubaidah did like the first one until he was able to remove the second piece, as a result his other incisors were also wobbly. Then we approached Talha to take care of it. It turned out that he had more than ten injuries.


Not long after going through this very critical moment, there were several friends who had gathered around him, such as Abu Dujanah, Mush’ab bin Umair, Ali bin Abi Talib, Sahl bin Hanif, Malik bin Sinan, Abu Sa’s father. en Al-Khudri, Umm Ammarah Nasibah bint Ka’b Al-Maziniyyah, Qatadah bin An-Nu’man, Umar bin Al-Khaththab, Hathib bin Abu Balta’ah, and Abu Talha.

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