Persistent and Unbreakable: Is it good to be a tough person?

Persistent and Unbreakable: Is it good to be a tough person?

A tough person is a person who always believes that every problem that comes in his life is nothing but for a good purpose for himself, to increase the quality and level of his faith in Allah SWT. So there is no reason for him to complain, be disappointed, grumble and despair. Nor will he feel he has any reason to flaunt his suffering on others.

Someone who is tough will live life no matter how difficult it is with patience and trust. Because for him everything that happens in this world is beyond the power and permission of Allah SWT, the Most Good.


Allah has designed it in such a way that whatever happens to him is sure to contain goodness, because in fact it is impossible for Allah to commit injustice to His creatures. The toughness of a Muslim in living life is a characteristic of clean monotheism to Allah SWT. Life’s difficulties will not make him give up, he will be more tenacious, diligent, and sure that Allah is the Almighty and the Most Rich. Conversely, the comfort of life will not make him complacent and lulled by circumstances. He will always be alert and introspective of every trick of the devil, and spend everything he has in a way that is pleasing to Allah.


People who are tough will carve out the spirit of achievement. Solely because of the intention of worship lillaahi ta’aala. He believes that Allah SWT loves His servants who work and work in an itqon, professional and dedicated manner. Brother, let’s train ourselves to be a tough person. A person who never complains, a person who is istiqomah in doing good and truth, excels as a field of pious charity, lillaahi ta’ala. A person who always enjoys the bitter and sweet of life as the same condition, which is a means of getting closer to Allah SWT.


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