Stay Amanah In The Era Of Fitnah

Allah SWT said in the letter Az Zalzalah 7-8, “Whoever does an dzarrah’s weight of good deeds, surely he will see it (receives a reward). And whoever does an dzarrah’s weight of evil, surely he will see it (receive the reward). ).”


As an ibadurrahman, always remember that the life of this world is very short and full of challenges. With the awareness instilled in his soul that ibadurrahman must be aware that death will at any time pick him up without “excuse me first”. With a high awareness of the arrival of death, Ibadurrahman remains committed to building his worship throughout the day as perfectly as possible. Servant ibadurrahman remembers and memorizes the word of Allah in the letter Ali Imran 185, “Every soul will taste death. And indeed on the Day of Judgment your reward will be perfected. Whoever is kept away from hell and put into heaven, he will indeed be lucky (faqad faaza) …”


May we become ibadurrahman who are good at honing this life by always adorning ourselves with the best worship of Allah without being tired and ashamed in the midst of people’s lives that tempt us a lot to taqarub to Allah.


“O Allah, take care of us, our families, our beloved friends, our loyal readers, so that we remain submissive to do Your commands and stay away from all Your prohibitions. Pass us on when we prostrate to You, when we do good deeds , and end our lives with Your grace by consciously chanting Your monotheism, “LA ILAAHA ILLALLOH” and guarantee us to enter Your heaven. Amiinn

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