The story of Ashabur Rass: Next Part

The story of Ashabur Rass

The People Who Buried the Prophet in a Stone Well

So, the people of Rass were delighted with the news by putting up a wall between them and the statue to interact with the king at their presumption (as the devil wanted), and told them that he would not die forever. Therefore, the people of Rass were very happy because their king was still alive and with them, so they made sacrifices and worshiped the image. Then, Allah sent an apostle to tell them that there was a devil disguised behind the statue, forbade them to worship the statue and told them to return to worshiping Allah the Almighty.

Then this prophet was despised, killed, and his body was thrown into the lake. Then the lake water turned out to be not as beautiful as it used to be; kill their plants, the more they drink the water the thirstier they get, the trees don’t change and their houses get damaged when exposed to the lake water. So that this nation was destroyed little by little and the dwelling was inhabited by jinns and wild animals.

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