About Us

Ariosan Foundation is a humanitarian and Islamic educational institution with the focus of its program providing relief and support in economics and education of the poor and the ones who are in needs.

The establishment of the foundation was conducted in the presence of notary Edna Hanindito, S.H., M.Kn. with Notarial Deed No. 2 on 15th of December 2010, as determined by the Decree of Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesian Republic No. AHU-1008. AH. 01.04. Year 2011.

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Ariosan Foundation is currently working on 33 countries across the globe for humanity purposes. We built water wells, hand pumps, water tanks, distribute Quran, food packs, Qurbani reliefs, financial aids and many more to the ones in need. Support our projects and be the one who witness, feel, and contribute to their happiness at the same time.

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