Bismillah, Lets Get Rid of Laziness

Laziness is the enemy of charity and is against the nature of life. Imam Ar-Raghiib said, “Whoever is lazy and careless means that he has given up human qualities, even removed the characteristics of living things so that they are closer to being called inanimate objects.”


“There is no sight that I hate more than seeing a person who is neither doing good for the hereafter nor working for the world.” Thus the friend of Abdullah bin Mas’ud RA expressed his hatred for laziness.

Like a parasite that covers its host and results in the death of the host plant because of the difficulty of processing food that is not exposed to the sun. So, there is no good activity that is plagued with laziness but has a bad effect.


The impact depends on the type of activity that laziness is involved in. Laziness to study and think causes stupidity that will be bitter for life. Being stupid in terms of worldly benefits is a disaster. Fool in religious matters is even more fatal. Because ignorance is the main gate of Satan to tempt humans. If this door is open, Satan will not have to bother looking for another door.


Laziness to work to find ma’isyah (livelihood) is the root of poverty. Because sustenance must be strived for physically, in addition to spiritual ways, such as trust, piety, friendship, and others. As Allah SWT says: “When the prayer has been fulfilled, you will be scattered on the earth; and seek the bounty of Allah and remember Allah so that you may be successful” (Surah al-Jumu’ah [62]:10).


Even if the lazy nature is owned by people who ‘dilute’ their brains, the impact will also be even greater. The combination of intelligence and laziness produces a bad trait called cunning. Laziness drives him to get things without working hard.

Many criminal and corruption cases are masterminded by people who are cunning, lazy to work hard, but want to get results by cutting the compass, even though they have to take other people’s rights.


Laziness in doing deeds of obedience to Allah SWT causes losses in the hereafter. People who do not use the time in this world for obedience to Him will regret when death comes to him (Surah al-Munafiqun [63]: 10).


If laziness is the cause of loss and failure in this world and the hereafter, sincerity is the root of success and happiness. Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us every morning and evening to ask Allah for protection from laziness, “O Allah, indeed I ask You for protection from laziness and evil in old age and I ask Your protection from the punishment of hell and the grave.” (HR Muslim).


May Allah protect us from weakness and laziness.


Wallahu a’lam.

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