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The traditional of celebrating the Prophet’s birthday in part of the world

On the 12th day of the Rabiul Awal Hijri calendar is a meaningful day, because of the anniversary of Nabi Muhammad SAW.  In that month, all Muslims over the world celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. This celebration cannot be separated from elements of local customs and culture. Muslims in various countries have their […]

Let’s Follow Our Prophet Muhammad Way to be Healthy with Istinsyaq

Medical Staff of Ear Nose Throat-Neck Surgery Al Islam Hospital Bandung, dr Ilman Fathony, invites the public to maintain health during the Covid-19 pandemic, one of them by means of istinsyaq. Istinsyaq is one of the Sunnahs of the Prophet (pbuh) in wudu’, namely putting water into the nasal cavity.   He said that the […]

Muhammad answered Shalawat and greetings of his people.

In other worships, Allah (SWT) commanded His servants to do it. But especially in the command to read shalawat, Allah almighty mentions that Allah himself prayed to the Prophet (ﷺ ), as well as His angels, only then commanded those who believed to pray for him. With this increasingly showing that his worship of the […]

Structuring the Economic System in Islam

The strength and well-being of a state cannot be separated from the arrangement of an economic system for the welfare of all citizens. As usual a newly established country, the state of Medina also did not escape economic problems. On the other hand, the population of Medina is increasing because of the increasing number of […]