Abraham and Ismail built the Kaaba

After leaving his wife, Siti Hajar, and son, Ishmael, in the city of Mecca, Ibrahim returned to Palestine. He lives with his wife, Sarah. After a long time, Prophet Ibrahim then visited twice to the house of Prophet Ismail in Mecca who had been married. At that time, he only met the wife of The Prophet Ishmael. On his next visit, Prophet Ibrahim (p.s.) felt compelled to meet in person with The Prophet Ishmael. When he met Ishmael (p.S.), Ibrahim (as) told him that he had received a revelation from Allah. He was ordered to build the Ka’bah. The Ka’bah is the house of God for all the people. Prophet Ismail (as) was willing to help Prophet Ibrahim (p.s.) build the Kaaba.

They both began the construction of the Kaaba. They made the foundation of the building and raised the wall. The wall was so high that Prophet Ibrahim (as) could not reach him. 


Therefore, Prophet Ibrahim AS asked The Prophet Ismail AS to take the big stone. The Prophet Ishmael soon sought a big stone. Soon he found a black stone. It was used as the footstone of Abraham. It’s always shifted towards the wall it’s working on. The stone where Ibrahim stood was named Maqam Ibrahim. It continued to cling to the walls of the Kaaba until the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. They continued the construction of the Kaaba. In the end, Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Ismail AS finished building the Kaaba.

In the Quran, Al-Baqarah verses 127-128 are described as saying by Prophet Ibrahim AS after the development of the Kaaba. And (remember) when Abraham elevated the foundations of the Baitullah with Ismail and prayed, “Our Lord, accept us, indeed You are the Hearing, the Knowing. Our Lord, take us both submissive to You and (be) among our children.  Ummah who submit to you and show us our ways and places of hajj, and accept our repentance. Surely you are the Most Merciful.”

In the past, the kaaba building was just a simple building that was not covered in beautiful covering cloth as it exists today. Kaaba or Kiswah upholstery is currently very nice and luxurious. Then Allah (SWT) ordered Prophet Ibrahim (p.S.) and Prophet Ishmael (p.S.) to purify the Kaaba from filth and uncleanness. What is meant by dirt here is dirt in the form of idolatrous deeds, namely idolatry. Allah (SWT) obliges the faithful to keep the Kaaba in a state of holiness for those who perform prayers, tawaf, and I’tikaf. All Muslims who worship in it must also be in a state of holiness.

Every Muslim who has ever visited the Kaaba and prayed at the Grand Mosque will always miss the Kaaba. 


He even wants to revisit. No wonder, if there are Muslims who repeatedly perform hajj to Mecca. This shows that Allah (SWT) answered the prayer of Prophet Ibrahim (as). Prophet Ibrahim (as) once prayed that Mecca be used as a safe and prosperous place. In the city of Mecca, Allah (SWT) gives abundant sustenance in the form of fruits. Until now we can find fruits from all corners of the world in the city of Mecca. Thus, Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Ishmael (p.s.) built the Kaaba. They obeyed God’s commandments and obeyed Him.

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