The Sound of the Qur’an at the End of Man’s Life

One day, at exactly seven in the morning, I came to the recovery room, suddenly some people came to me, they were the children of one of the elderly patients who had just had heart surgery, the patient had a severe clot in his brain so he lost consciousness since undergoing the operation, his heart activity was very weak,  Both kidneys are no longer functioning.


They came to me saying, “Our father is facing the death penalty, we hope you deign to mentally recite the two sentences of the shahada.”

I went with them, at that time the heart pressure was very weak, which was about forty, while the heart rate was only about thirty-five per minute.


I approached him and said to him, ‘Say Asyhadu alla ilaha illallah,’ when his tongue and right hand moved, and more surprisingly, it was that suddenly his blood pressure reached one hundred and thirty-eighty and his heart rate reached one hundred and twenty per minute.

I said to his children, “All the organs of your father’s body have reacted with two sentences of the shahada, he can feel the reading of the two sentences of the shahada, he is currently facing the sakaratul of death, why don’t you recite the Qur’an to him until his spirit comes out?”


The six children of the patient took turns reciting the Qur’an for four days and three nights, until finally the patient went to his Lord.

During that time his blood pressure lasted about a hundred and thirty and his heart rate lasted above a hundred beats.


I asked them about the sides of his father’s life while he was alive. They said, “He is an expert of the Qur’an, his whole speech is the Qur’an and dhikr, he always recites the Qur’an within three days or five days, the longest he recites the Qur’an in a week.”

During his life he mentioned Allah while he was asthma a lot, until finally Allah closed his age with husnul khatimah, he had made the last four days of his age to hear the glorious recitation of the Qur’an, his dhikr never interrupted. How beautiful husnul khatimah is, I’m sure all Muslims will expect it.


But have you ever imagined if it turns out that your closing age is listening to music and singing? How bad is su’ul khatimah, those whose hearts have been poisoned with shaitan so that he can not listen except music and singing, and finally that is the closing of his life.


One day, precisely ba’da Fajr in the month of Ramadan in 1418H. I went out of the house for one purpose, on the way on Al-Malik Fahd road I saw one car overturned, I immediately got out of the car to provide help, there I found a young man who had been killed accompanied by the voice of the singer. He died and his age closed with the accompaniment of music and singers. Who is haram, who wants to close his age like this?


Source: “Testimony of a Doctor”, dr. Khalid bin Abdul Aziz al-Jubair, SpJP (surgeon and heart specialist), Publisher of Darussunnah, p.55-57.

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