The traditional of celebrating the Prophet’s birthday in part of the world

On the 12th day of the Rabiul Awal Hijri calendar is a meaningful day, because of the anniversary of Nabi Muhammad SAW. 

In that month, all Muslims over the world celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. This celebration cannot be separated from elements of local customs and culture. Muslims in various countries have their own way of celebrating the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. Although there are still differences of opinion among scholars regarding the law of celebrating the Prophet’s birth, this celebration is still alive and has become a traditional society.

Quoted from, and here are some of the unique celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday in various countries in the world.

South Africa

The Celebrate of Proohet Muhammmad, the women and children in Cape Town, South Africa chose the best clothes to wear in remembrance of the greatness of the Prophet Muhammad.

There is a ceremony that escort this great moment. The women who have worn the best clothes are then tasked with preparing for the Rampies ceremony, by cutting lime and lemon leaves which are then soaked in rose water.

Then, they would wrap the pieces in small plastic or candy-like paper give to men. During the ceremony, they must greet the Prophet Muhammad SAW.


Turkey to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday every year, people in Turkey are happy to celebrate with Dervish Dance. Dervish dancers then perform at Karabas Veli Darwis Lodge during the Prophet Muhammad’s celebration in Bursa City, Turkey.


Celebrations are usually held in Palestine, where they usually sing chants with the theme of Islam as a form of their admiration for the Prophet Muhammad. As long as the chanting of the Prophet’s praises is sung, they will parade around the streets of Nablus, Palestine. There were also sweets that were widely distributed to children during the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday.


In Indonesia, Mawlid is celebrated in a very lively way and is colored between Muslim beliefs and Javanese traditions. Every year, a large procession is held between the Royal Palace and the Grand Mosque of Yogyakarta. Two royal gamelans accompanied the procession.

People came to see the gunungan, which was blessed by the sultan and was a symbol of fertility. The food is then distributed to the community.

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