Zakat to Strengthen Muslims

The current era of disruption has affected many sectors of life. Everything is required to innovate to produce something new and efficient, not apart from the management of zakat.


Head of The Empowerment Section of Zakat Kanwil Kemenag DIY, Misbahruddin said, zakat which is a pillar of Islam into a sector that must innovate about its management. Both in terms of acceptance and distribution.


Islam as a religion rahmatan lil alamin will certainly try as much as possible to be able to help each other, one of them through the mechanism of zakat. According to Misbahrudin, there are at least two main benefits obtained from zakat.


“Zakat is a lot of benefits, such as we can help the poor in meeting their needs and strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah,” said Misbahruddin when filling the webinar held by the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII), Sunday (9/5).


Zakat as an instrument that concerns the life of many people certainly needs a good management and legal basis. Therefore, the government is present by forming the amil zakat body as well as the laws governing zakat itself.


The government sees great potential in zakat, which in the future can help improve people’s welfare and reduce poverty. However, even though the body has been established as amil zakat and the law, the absorption of zakat is still low.


“The low education and socialization about the benefits and importance of zakat is the cause of the lack of absorption of zakat,” said Misbahruddin.


He hopes that the government, private sector and society synergize to socialize the benefits and importance of zakat for people’s lives. With a very large potential, zakat is predicted to help improve the welfare of the community.


Misbahruddin stressed that the use of technology should be applied in the absorption of zakat. Including, an era where all activities can be carried out through gadgets, and Islam is a religion whose teachings are always relevant to the times.


“It is necessary to adjust the application of Islamic teachings based on the development of the times, but still pay attention to the sharia teachings of Islam itself,” said Misbahruddin.

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