Hadith for The Day: Balanced Life

أحب الصلاة إلي الله تعالى صلاة داود وأحب الصيام إلي الله صيام داود وكان ينام نصف الليل ويقوم ثلثه وينام سدسه ويصوم يوما ويفطر يوما.

Meaning: “Indeed, the prayer that is most liked by Allah is the prayer of the Prophet Dawud and the fasting that is most liked by Allah is the fasting of the Prophet Dawud. He goes to sleep at midnight, then wakes at a third of the night, and he sleeps again at a sixth of the night. Prophet Dawud fasted one day and broke his fast one day.”


Principle of Balance

One of the most important teachings in Islam is balance (at-tawaazun). Balanced in matters of the world or the hereafter, balanced in personal and social affairs, balanced in physical and spiritual affairs, balanced in matters with Allah SWT (hablum minallah) and human affairs (hamlum minannas).

Islam does not like inequality and too much difference between our daily actions. At one point, Ibn Umar’s friend (Abdullah bin Umar) fasted continuously every day, finally the news that Ibn Umar’s friend always fasted every day was heard by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. When Ibn Umar’s friend met the Prophet Muhammad SAW, he said: “Do you think I don’t know you, O Ibn Umar, that you always fast every day, if you are diligent at night praying at night without sleeping without paying attention to others. Do not be like that, O Ibn Umar “.

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