Hadith for The day: Imitate the Prophet Dawud

أحب الصلاة إلي الله تعالى صلاة داود وأحب الصيام إلي الله صيام داود وكان ينام نصف الليل ويقوم ثلثه وينام سدسه ويصوم يوما ويفطر يوما.

Meaning: “Indeed, the prayer that is most liked by Allah is the prayer of the Prophet Dawud and the fasting that is most liked by Allah is the fasting of the Prophet Dawud. He goes to sleep at midnight, then wakes at a third of the night, and he sleeps again at a sixth of the night. Prophet Dawud fasted one day and broke his fast one day.”


Continuing from the previous article. This all means that when we are praying, don’t forget the worldly aspect and when we work, don’t forget the afterlife aspect, and that is Islamic teaching. In the letter al-Qoshos, verse 77 Allah says “And use the sustenance, age, health and time given by Allah to you to pursue the degrees of the hereafter and do not leave your worldly affairs” and a prayer that was often read by the Prophet SAW and his people , namely “O our Lord, give us the good of the world and the hereafter and save us from the fires of hell”.

It is because of the teaching of balance that when the Prophet Dawud AS – even though his law is different from ours – had a habit, the teaching of a balance between night prayers and rest between fasting and not fasting is also balanced, balance maintains body stamina, balance provides nutrition and vitamins to the body because of all this , The Prophet SAW said that the prayer that is most loved by Allah is the prayer of the Prophet Dawud AS, the fasting that Allah loves is also the fasting of Dawud AS, namely sleeping half the night, waking up one third of the night, resting one sixth of the night and Prophet Dawud fasting one day breaking the fast. Because of this, all the Prophet SAW recommended that Muslims also do as the Prophet Dawud did because there is a principle of balance inside, even though the Shari’a are different from ours.

The spirit of emulating balance is certainly not only in terms of night prayers and also not in terms of fasting, of course in any case. Husbands should not think about themselves without thinking about their wives or thinking about wives but not thinking about themselves or thinking about husband and wife but not thinking about their children, everything must receive attention, balance according to each other’s existence. And it is with this balance that everything will go well, stably and calmly. Allah SWT has given about the importance of balance “If there is no power of balance then the earth will be destroyed” (QS. al-Baqarah, 251).

The sun, moon and all planetary clusters all rotate on their own axis and orbit. There has never been a collision. This can all run safely because there is a balance between the strength of gravity, weight and distance between each planet. If our worship is not so optimal because we have to rest, take care of our family, work for a living not because we are lazy, then Allah understands this and we are still counted as doing good.

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