Ibadurrahman, Servants of Allah SWT


Ibadurrahman are chosen servants of Allah. In Surah Al Furqan, various characteristics of worship are explained. Among its characteristics is continuing to carry out the mandate in the midst of slanderous circumstances. Allah says in Al Furqan 72, “… and when they meet (people) who are doing deeds that are not beneficial (sins) they (ibadurrahman) pass (leave) by keeping their honor (carrying out their worship).”


Ibadurrahman is a trustworthy servant. A trustworthy servant is a servant who remains upright in carrying out God’s commands in the midst of a chaotic or slanderous society. The servant who worships Allah still exists to carry out his Islamic religious law even though the surrounding environment does not support him or even opposes him. Servant who worships ibadurrahman can still look after himself and his family to do good deeds even though the surrounding community may marginalize him, degrade him, maybe even oppose him by calling him a self-righteous person, and other offensive names. As a servant who worships, always has a noble character while maintaining good brotherly relations with the surrounding community who are not in line with him, who do not share his faith, and who do not agree with him.


The servant who worships God is consistent in carrying out God’s commands because he realizes that for every action of the servant there must be a proper reward from God. He is not deluded by the seduction of other people’s abuses who are full of sins, because as ibadurrahman he believes that every action must have a reward or consequence. Servants of ibadurrahman will always remember God’s word about the consequences of the actions of His servants while living in the world.

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