Lets Implement Al Hasib: Act with Full Calculation

The word “Hasib” is found four times in the Qur’an. Three of them point to the meaning of God’s nature.


In language this word has 4 meanings: numbers, adequacy, small pillows, whitened skin. However, the meaning that is relevant to the nature of God is the One who counts.

God is the one who counts. God created man to worship and obey Him. Then Allah sent the apostles and sent his books to them to be preached to mankind. After that, He called them again, then counted the records of good and evil that had been done during his life in the world. In the hereafter, God will put out the record of charity in a book.


“Read your book, and be enough of yourself at this time as a sucker against you.” (QS. Al-Isra’)

In the Hereafter, God gathers them by His power and betrays them with His knowledge. The number of servants to be reckoned with will never trouble God. In fact, he betrayed them at once.


Social Message РEconomics 


  1. Act with Full Calculation

Calculation is the fruit of a mature thought process. That’s why we should act with calculation. Both based on the benefits and mudharatnya. Related in achieving the ideal, the success of a business can bring yourself and this life to be better.


  1. Trust in God

A person who believes in this trait, his life will feel peaceful. He was always kind to God so that he would not be disturbed by the temptations of worldliness. There is nothing more meaningful in his life than to rely on God. That’s why he feels enough about the gift he gives.


Source of Attitude and Mental Foundation

  • Get used to doing good even a little
  • It’s good to do a good that’s worth more.
  • Not to underestimate good small deeds and not take ordinary bad deeds
  • Be thankful for everything god gives you.
  • Istiqomah and tawakal in goodness
  • Be careful in doing something more with the other party.

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