Pay Attention to Our Children’s Health

One more responsibility that must be borne by parents is the responsibility of physical education in children. This is so that children can grow up to be physically strong, healthy and enthusiastic. Islam has outlined several methods in educating children’s physique.

Providing a Living for Children

Allah says: “… And it is the duty of the father to feed and clothe the mothers in a ma’ruf way…” (QS. Al-Baqarah: 233). A father who provides a living for his family then surely he will get a great reward from Allah SWT. Conversely, if a father is reluctant to provide for his children and family (while he has the ability) then he will also get a big sin from Allah SWT.

Paying Attention to Food Health
A healthy lifestyle should become a habit so that it becomes the character and habits of the child into adulthood. As the Prophet SAW taught us to avoid foods that contain harmful ingredients and not to overdo it. In addition, in terms of eating and drinking the Prophet also taught to do it while sitting and when drinking with three sips and it is forbidden to breathe in a glass.

Fortifying Families from Communicable Diseases
In Shahihain from Abu Hurairah RA, he said that Rasulullah SAW said, “Never should a sick person come to a healthy person.” That’s why it is obligatory for parents if any of their children are infected with an infectious disease to separate them from other children or neighbors so they don’t get infected.

Immediate Treatment of Children’s Diseases
If it is known that the child has an illness, parents should immediately seek medical and herbal solutions for their recovery. Because, treatment has an influence in preventing more dangerous diseases and bringing healing. The Prophet SAW said, “Every disease has a cure. If the medicine has hit the disease, it will heal with the permission of Allah SWT. (Narrated by Imam Muslim).

(Ln/Abstracted from the book Tarbiyatul Aulad Fil Islam)

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