Special Intercession Of The Prophet Muhammad

There are 4 special intercession that only the Prophet had:


  1. The great intercession is the praiseworthy maqam promised by Allah in his word QS Al-Isra:79. In this intercession the Prophet intercede all beings when Allah ended the reckoning of charity in the mahsyar and some people said: ‘Who will intercede for us?’ They came to the Prophets where each of the Prophets said, ‘I am not an intercessor.’ Then they came to the Prophet Muhammad and intercession from him. This great intercession became the specialty of the Prophet. This is based on the sahih hadith of Bukhari’s narration from Ibn Umar such as:


“The people of The Day of Resurrection gathered together, every person followed their prophets, they said, “O fulan! Intercede! O fulan! “This happened until the intercession was given by the Prophet Muhammad. That is when Allah raised the Prophet with Al-maqam Al-Maĥmud.


  1. Intercession on heavenly experts to enter heaven. Based on the hadith of the Muslim narration of the Prophet said:


On the Day of Resurrection I will come to the door of heaven and I will ask for it to be opened, the guardian angel of heaven said: “Who are you?”, so I (the Prophet) replied: “I am Muhammad”, finally the Angel said: Since you I am commanded, I will not open this door to anyone before You enter it.


  1. Intercession of the Prophet on his uncle Abu Talib. Based on the hadith of Bukhari and Muslim narration from Abu Said Al-Khudri he said:


That the Prophet (peace be upon him) heard his uncle Abu Talib talking near him, then he said: Hopefully my intercession can benefit him on the Day of Resurrection, so that he is placed in the lightest hell whose fire burns his eyes to the boil of his brain. 


  1. Intercession of the Prophet in putting some of his people into heaven without hisab. 


According to bukhari &muslim narration from Abu Hurayrah: “Then the Prophet Muhammad raised his head, and said, ‘O my Lord, save my people. Save my people.”” Then it was said to him, ‘I will bring some of your people to heaven, those who have no validity over it through Baabul Aiman, one of the gates of heaven. They are other human allies regarding doors other than Baabul Aiman.’

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