The Prophet Last Hajj: Wada’ Hajj Story Part 5 (The Last)



The Last War Unit


The Roman government had silenced the right to life for Islam and killed their followers who converted to Islam, as they did with Farwah bin Amr Al-Judzami, who was previously the governor of Ma’an which was under Roman rule. It was because of the consideration of the arrogance and arrogance of the Romans that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) prepared a large army in the month of Shafar in 11 H. He appointed Osama bin Zaid as commander of the army. He ordered him to fortify at Balqa’ and Darum in the Palestinian territories, with the aim of scaring the Roman troops and at the same time restoring the confidence of the Arabs living in the border areas, so that no one thought that converting to Islam would endanger his life.


However, people spoke gibberish about the commander of the army, because he was too young, so they did not immediately respond to the call to join. Knowing this, Rasulullah SAW said, “If you doubt his leadership, you are the same as doubting his father’s leadership. By Allah, he is truly a person who is worthy of leadership, he is truly the person I love the most and he is the person most loved by people after me.”

Because of his words, the people immediately joined the troops of Osama bin Zaid. They set out until they arrived at Al-Jufr, one phase away from Medina. It’s just that because there was news about the illness of the Prophet Muhammad, they became reluctant to continue the journey until they knew what Allah had destined for him. Apparently Allah had ordained that this troop unit was the first troop unit in the Caliphate of Abu Bakr.

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