Wavy Angels on the Battlefield

The first to ignite the embers of the Battle of Badr was Al-Aswad bin Abdul Asad Al-Makhdzumi, a man whose temperament was rude and of bad character. He came out of the ranks of the Quraysh army saying, “I swear to Allah, I will really take drinking water from your pool, or I will destroy it or I’d rather die from it.”

His arrival was immediately greeted by Hamzah bin Abdul-Muttalib RA. After facing each other, Hamzah immediately greeted him with a sword so that his leg broke at the calf and blood spurted on his colleagues. After that Al-Aswad crawled into the pool until he fell in it. But as fast as a flash Hamzah grabbed him once again when he was in the pool.

This is the first victim who then ignites the fire of war. After that appeared three reliable Quraysh horsemen, who came from one family, namely Utbah bin Rabi’ah, Syaibah bin Rabi’ah, and Al-Walid bin Utbah. When they are really out of line, then they ask for a duel. Then three Ansar youths appeared, namely Auf bin Al-Harith, Mu’awwidz bin Al-Harith, their mother was Afra’, and Abdullah bin Rawahah.

“Who are you guys?” asked three polytheists. “We are from the Ansar,” answered three Muslims. “I want prominent people. We don’t need you. We only want my uncle’s relatives.” Then some of the polytheists shouted in a loud voice, “O Muhammad, bring out the noble ones from your people.” Rasulullah SAW said, “Get up, O Ubaidah bin Al-Harith, you are Hamza and you are Ali!”. When these three Muslims stood up and approached the three polytheists, they asked, “Who are you?”. After this question was answered, they said, “Indeed you are people of honor.” Ubaidah, the oldest of them, faced Utbah bin Rabi’ah, Hamzah faced Shaibah bin Rabi’ah and Ali faced Al-Walid.

Hamzah and Ali had no trouble crushing their rivals. It was different with Ubaidah and her rival. Each of them launches an attack up to two times, and each injures the other. Then Hamza and Ali approached Utbah and killed him. After that they both supported Ubaidah’s body, which was already weak, because her legs were cut off. He did not complain at all until he died in Ash-Shafra’, four or five days after the Battle of Badr. On the way back to Medina.

At that time Ali swore to Allah SWT, so that the verse about his work was revealed, “These are two groups (the believers and the disbelievers) who fight, they fight with each other because of their Lord.” (Surah Al-Hajj 19)

This duel was a bad start for the polytheists, because they lost three reliable horsemen and commanders of their troops, in just one fell swoop. Their anger was bubbling, then they attacked the Muslim troops simultaneously and blindly.

After asking Allah for victory and help, purifying their intentions and submitting to Him, the Muslims blocked the attacks of the polytheists which were launched in waves and continuously. They remained standing in their original place with a defensive attitude. However, this method is powerful enough to make a victim among the polytheists. Incessantly they cried out, Sunday … Sunday …

The Messenger of Allah begged Allah

Ever since he had straightened out and organized the ranks of the Muslim troops, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, kept asking Allah for victory as He had promised, saying, “O Allah, fulfill for me what You promised me. O Allah, indeed I remind You of Your oath and promise.” When the battle raged and finally reached its climax, he said again, “O Allah, if this army was destroyed today, surely You will not be worshiped again, O Allah, unless You really want to be worshiped forever after this day.”

So deep is the prayer that he conveyed to Allah SWT, until without realizing his scarf fell from his shoulder. So Abu Bakr picked it up and put it back on his shoulder, saying, “It is enough for you, O Messenger of Allah, to keep asking your Lord.”

Then Allah (SWT) revealed to the angels, “Indeed I am with you, so strengthen (the position of) those who have believed. Later I will drop fear into the hearts of the disbelievers.” (Surah Al-Anfal 12)

Then Allah SWT revealed to the Messenger of Allah, “Indeed I will bring reinforcements to you with a thousand angels who come in succession.” (Surah Al-Anfal 9)

That is, the angels came in waves, as they came and were followed by some others, did not come at the same time.

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