What Percentage of Shalah Does Allah Accept?

Shalah or Prayer is the most important worship for Muslims. However, in reality there are still many Muslims who do not want to pray. Meanwhile, those who have prayed, there are also many who pray just to abort their obligations. Many of us when praying do not pay attention to the adab or bahavior and the quality of the prayer.


We need to realize that prayer is a very special worship. Because with prayer we are facing the King of the Kings. The owner of the universe. The Supreme Being. Let’s think about how we are when we pray. Have we realized with all our body and soul, to whom we are facing when praying.


When we face officials, we prepare ourselves in such a way. Choose the best clothes. Get ready before the meeting time. We are afraid to disappoint the officials we meet. Or we don’t want to be rejected by the official.


Then what about the meeting with the Supreme Being. We often underestimate the great gathering in prayer. Modest clothes, sometimes wrinkled and inappropriate.

Then in praying, we often do it arbitrarily. Lack of attention to the sunnahs and etiquette that are the conditions for the perfection of prayer. It is also a condition for the acceptance of prayer by Allah SWT.


The majesty of God must be present and in our hearts. That way, we will not play around in prayer. Isn’t there anyone who plays around when facing and talking to a king or president? When one prays to Allah, the Most Holy, the Most Perfect, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the Most Exalted and the All-Powerful.

Written by: KH. M. Baidhowi

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