AL-MUNTAQIM (The Supreme Torturer of the Guilty for Justice) part 2

Socio-Economic Messages

God the Most Torturing. He is the one who gives punishment to every sinful servant of His. Therefore, the social message contained in this trait is:

Fear of the Punishment / Punishment of Allah

Fear of Allah’s punishment is a mirror of a smart and wise person. Because it is Allah who determines the fate of human life, in this world and in the hereafter.

Based on the fear of (the punishment of) Allah, we will always try to carry out all His commands and stay away from all His prohibitions. In the field of business, this asthma application will create fear if there is illicit fortune consumed or usury transactions are carried out.

Fear for Allah, Dare for Allah

Fear of Allah must be placed in the highest position so that it can overcome all fear of other than Him. Not afraid of being poor and not afraid of being demoted as long as you are trustworthy. Showing fear only of Allah has an impact on growing courage in living life and upholding the truth. This courage will lead humans to become noble and honorable persons before creatures, especially before Him. Businessmen who believe in Al-Muntaqim have the courage to do business honestly and fairly, because they are more afraid of being tortured by Allah than being hated by unscrupulous tender organizers.

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