An Analogy of Death

Leaving this world for the next one is like taking a first trip to another country. We leave this worldly thing we own and have, to depart to a completely new place we have never been in. However, there are several things that differ between taking a trip to another country and death.

  1. The details of the country will not be found in an itinerary or travel brochures, but in the Qur’an and the Hadiths.
  2. Our flight will not be Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways, but a wooden, cold casket.
  3. Our dress will not be a Pierre Cardin suit, but the white cotton shroud.
  4. Our perfume will not be Channel, but the Camphor and Attar.
  5. Our passports will not be British, American, Indonesian or Malaysian, but Islam. It is where our Visa will not be the six months leave to stay or else, but, the “Laa Ilaaha Illallaah.”
  6. The flight attendant will not be gorgeous women and handsome men, but the Angel of Death, Izrail.
  7. The in-flight services will not be 1st class but a piece of beautifully scented, or economy class but a piece of foul smelling cloth;
  8. Our destination will not be Heathrow Terminal or Jeddah International Terminal, but the Graveyard.
  9. Our waiting lounge will not be nice carpeted and air-conditioned rooms, but the 6 feet deep gloomy Grave (Qabr).
  10. Where the Immigration Officer will not be as nice as His Majesty’s officers, but Munkar and Nakeer; they only check out whether you deserve the place you yearn to go.
  11. The transit airport will not be anything but Al-Barzakh.
  12. Our final destination will be either the Garden under which rivers flow, or the Hellfire.
  13. This trip does not come with a price tag. It is free of charge, therefore your savings would not come in handy.
  14. This flight has no delays. It is always punctual. It arrives and leaves on time.
  15. Do not worry about the in-flight entertainment program. You would have lost all your sense of joy.
  16. Do not ever worry about booking this trip. It has already been booked, the day you became a fetus in your mother’s womb.
  17. Also, do not worry about who will be sitting next to you. There would be none but your kindness and deeds during your lifetime.
  18. This trip comes with no warning, so be prepared.

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