Balanced Privileges: Interpretation of Surah an-Nisa Verse 34 Part 1

Arrijaaluu qowwaamuuna ‘alannisaa’i  bimaa fad-dholallaahu ba’dhomum ‘alaa ba’dhin wabimaa anfaquu min amwaalihim. Fashoolihaatu qoonitaatun hafidzhootun lil ghoibi bimaa hafidzhallaahu wallaatii takhoofuuna nusyuuzahunna fa’id-dzhuuhunna wahjuruuhunna fil madhooji’i wadhribuuhunna fain ‘atho’nakum falaa tabghuu ‘alaihinna sabiila innallaaha kaana ‘aliyyan kabiiro

Meaning: “Men are leaders for women because Allah has exaggerated some of them (men) over some others (women) and because they (men) have spent some of their wealth. Therefore, a pious woman obeys Allah and takes care of herself when her husband is not around because Allah has taken care of (them). The women you are worried about nusyuz, then advise them, separate them in their beds, and beat them. If they obey you, then don’t look for ways to trouble them. Indeed, Allah is Most High, Most Great” (QS. An-Nisaa’: 34)

This verse states that men, namely sex or husband are qowwaamun, leaders and responsible for women, therefore Allah has exalted some of them over others, and because they, namely men in general or husbands have spent part of their property to pay the dowry and living expenses for his wife and children. Whereas a pious woman is one who obeys Allah and her husband, after they have consulted together or if her orders do not conflict with Allah’s commands and do not revoke the wife’s rights. Besides that, she also takes care of herself, the rights of her husband and the household when her husband is not there, because Allah takes care of them.

God’s care for wives, among others, is in the form of caring for their husband’s love, when the husband is not there, love is born from the husband’s trust in his wife. Because not all wives are obedient to Allah, and so are husbands, this verse guides husbands, how to behave and apply to disobedient wives, not to let their disobedience continue, and not to be excessive in the husband’s attitude which results in the collapse of household life.

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