Let’s Pray Like the Prophet Zakaria: Part 1

“Prayer is the weapon of the believer. The sentence is no longer foreign to our ears. In another explanation it is even stated, prayer is something that is prescribed by Allah SWT through his word, and your Lord says, “Pray to Me, I will surely be pleased with you. Indeed, those who are arrogant from worshiping Me will enter the Hellfire of Hell in a state of humiliation.” (QS. Ghafir: 60).

Prayer is analogous to a “weapon”. Meanwhile, the word “weapon” can be understood as a tool that is commonly used for enemy resistance or self-rescue. So it is clear that prayer is the key to the goodness and safety of the believer. Even in a hadith the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Whoever does not ask Allah (by praying), then Allah is angry with him.”

Obviously this is a differentiator between Allah SWT and His creatures. If a human being constantly asked, he will return angry. But if Allah SWT is not asked, He will be angry.

Talking about praying, of course praying has procedures that must be carried out, including that, let’s pray accompanied by patience, earnestly, not in a hurry and in a gentle (calm) voice. Praying like that, is the way of praying that was exemplified by the Prophet Zakaria AS.

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