Let’s Pray Like the Prophet Zakaria: Part 2

Prophet Zakaria AS was a prophet sent by Allah SWT, who did not have offspring until he was old. Because his wife is barren. Actually, since entering the wedding gate, he has longed for the presence of a son. But what can he do until his hair turns gray, his bones weaken, his wish has not yet been fulfilled. Even so, Prophet Zakaria AS never gave up to always ask and pray. He is sure, even though his wife is also old and decrepit and even a barren person, if Allah SWT wills, surely they will be blessed with children too.

Until one day, Prophet Zakaria AS entered to meet his niece, Maryam, who was always alone in the mihrab (place of prayer). He found summer fruits in Maryam’s room, even though it was the middle of the rainy season. The Prophet Zakaria AS was not surprised. Because Maryam always prostrates to Allah SWT all the time and no one is allowed to enter except her and Maryam.

Astonished, he could not help but ask. “Where did you get all this sustenance?” asked Prophet Zakaria in surprise. “From Allah SWT,” answered Maryam. “He gives sustenance to whomever He wills,” continued Maryam.

The heart of Prophet Zakari AS was filled with high confidence, that Allah is Almighty, nothing is impossible for Him.

Actually there was excessive worry in the heart of the prophet of Allah, he was worried about who would replace the da’wah after he died. So even though the situation was like that, Prophet Zakaria AS still kept the desire to have descendants who would inherit his knowledge, even those who would continue his struggle to proclaim the truth. And Prophet Zakaria AS returned to pray to be blessed with a son. He was so patient in asking even though he realized that according to customary law such a thing would be difficult to happen. But thanks to his patience, faith, and sincerity, Allah granted his prayer. By the power of Allah, the Prophet Yahya AS was then born from his wife’s womb. This is real proof that prayer can break the impossible.

So what prayers have we made today? How patient can we wait for our prayers to come true?

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