Bismillah, I Will Earn Lailatul Qadar this Ramadan!

Allah swt mentions the word al-qadr in the short surah al-Qadr three times. In fact, Allah swt could use the pronoun or dhamir in some verses. For example in the third verse replaced with “Hiya khairun min alfi syahrin” (He is better than a thousand months). But Allah SWT did not do it. Allah SWT prefers to repeat the mention of the word lailatul qadri directly. 

Here there is a meaning of glorification of the night of al-qadr. There is also a sense of emphasis that such events inevitably occur. So no believer should doubt his case in the least. 

The emphasis of the word lalilatun (night) indicates that it must have happened at night. Prophet Muhammad SAW mentioned the time on the last ten nights of Ramadan, between the 21st to 29th or 30th of Ramadan. It means that those who want to get it want to seriously wake up every night at that time limit. 

Ibn Masud RA said “Man yaqumil haul yushib lailatul qadr ” (who wakes up every night throughout the year can definitely night al-qadr). With this, we don’t have to be picky at night. Because the secret purpose is so that we really hunt every night.

Even if there is a hadith that says that it happens on odd nights or narrations that say that it happens a lot on the night of 27 Ramadan, it is all just ancer-ancer so that we on those nights are more maximal.

But it doesn’t close the possibility of it happening on a night that we consider even. Because odd-even can be relative because of differences ru’yah (see hilal) and reckoning as an effort ijtihadiyah. 

Therefore, in addition to the hadith about fasting and Tarawih, there is a special hadith about the night of al-qadr, “Man qaama lailatal qadri imanan wahtisaban ghufira lahu maa taqaddama min dzambih” (Who wakes up to worship in the night of al-qadr, will be forgiven his past sins). 

From the closing verse of surah al-Qadr, “Salamun hiya hatta mathlai’il dawn”, illustrated the features of the night al-qadr as ancer-ancer to get it.

The word salamun (peace), meaning that night is safely controlled, no disasters, strong winds, heavy rains, and others. Prophet Muhammad SAW mentioned that the night was sunny, not too hot or too cold, in the morning the sun did not appear sharp light. 

The word salamun nakirah (indefinite noun) indicates the greatness of the impact that will occur if you get it, the impact on personal life will be more peaceful and harmonious in his home.

The social impact will have an effect on the character of noble, meek, humble, not arrogant, caring and respecting each other. And the impact on state life is the establishment of justice as a condition of achieving true peace.

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