Blessing in the Hearts of Adulterous Women and Murderers

No matter how much sin man commits, if he repents, God will forgive his sins, just like the pezima women and murderers. This event had happened in the time of Rasullah SAW, as told by Olrh Abu Hurairah r.a.

One night, after praying ‘Isha’ with the Prophet, I went out looking for the wind. In the middle of the street I saw a woman in a veil standing. He then greeted me.

“Hi…. Abu Hurayrah, I have committed a grave sin. Can I still repent?”

I then asked, ‘What sin have you ever committed?’ She said, “I have committed adultery and killed my children.”

I said, “Woe to you for destroying your son. By Allah, your repentance will not be acceptable.” After I said that, the woman immediately screamed and fainted.

When I saw how miserable the woman’s heart was until she passed out, I suddenly regretted it. I said to my heart, I have been sassy berfatwa, when the Prophet was around us. The next day, I went to the Prophet to report to him the incident I experienced last night. “O Messenger of Allaah, last night a woman asked me for a fatwa on this matter! I then recounted the problem that the woman faced to the Messenger of Allah.

After hearing my story, the Prophet then said, “Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. By Allah, you have been wretched. What do you think of this verse.

And those who associate none with Allah in His Divinity, nor slay those whom Allah has forbidden except by right, and do not commit adultery; And whosoever does so, he shall have a severe punishment, and the punishment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will remain in it humiliated, except those who repent and believe and do good deeds. Then evil will soon be replaced by Good. Allah is All off-Forgiving, most merciful. (Al- Furqaan : 68-70)

After hearing the prophet’s words, I immediately went from before him. Standing in the streets of Medina, I was looking for the woman who met me last night. I asked everyone I met about the woman’s whereabouts, until I finally asked a group of people “who can show me a woman who last night asked me about this and this?” My attitude in finding the woman had invited the astonishment of the little ones, until they said, ‘Abu Hurayrah has gone mad!’

Finally one night I had found her somewhere, then I told her about the words of the Prophet SAW, that he could repent to atone for her sins. The news I brought had delighted her heart, until she screamed with excitement. Then he said to me, “I have a garden which I will give to the Muslims to atone for my sins.”

The adulteress repented to God with regret. He always improved her acts of worship until death.

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