Interpretation of Al-Ikhlas: God of Hope


God of Hope


The verse above explains the needs of creatures to God Almighty, who is the foundation of hope for all creatures. Only Allah is the place that is requested so that all our needs are met. With this verse we feel that we depend on our life to the Most High Essence. The word Ash-Shamad is taken from the verb Shamada which means “Toward”. Ash-Shamad means “The one to aim for”.

According to the history of Ibn ‘Abbas, ash-Shamad means: “A figure who has perfect character, is noble and reaches the peak of glory, who is majestic and reaches the peak of majesty, who is forbearing and does not exceed his compensation, who is more perfect in knowledge, who is wise and has no defects in his wisdom ”. According to Ibn Taimiyah, the word Ahad here describes the position of the One God. This shows that His creatures, including us humans, are weak. Therefore we need a foundation and hope that can overcome our difficulties. This means that the content of the word Ash-Shamadiyah (foundation of hope) is only for Allah. While Allah himself does not need anyone and anything. Thus we can say that this word denotes the perfection and dependence of creatures on Him.

In this second verse, the word Allah is repeated once again after it was mentioned in the first verse. This is to signal that anyone who does not have the nature of Ash-Shamadiyah or in other words cannot be a full “beacon of hope”, then he is not worthy of being worshiped by God.

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