Interpretation of Al-Ikhlas: Allah The One


Childless And Not Begotten


This verse refutes the belief that some people have about God by stating that God Almighty is neither natural nor has he ever given birth and besides that He has not been begotten, that is, he has not been born from a father or mother. The words Yalid (begotten) and Yulad (begotten) come from the word Walada which is used in the Koran to describe heredity. So the word Waalid, for example, means “Father”, indicating the biological father. If Walad is “Big Child”. Waalidah is the “Big Mother”. Begetting or being begotten makes something come out of it and this leads to the division of the Essence of God. This clearly contradicts the meaning of Sunday in the first verse of Surah Al Ikhlas. And contrary to the nature of God. Even though Allah has nothing like Him (Laisa ka mitslihii syai’un). The word Lam is used to dispel the impression that God is childless and not begotten. Because now there are certain religions that think that God has children and can have children. To correct this mistake, the most appropriate sentence to use is to deny something that happened in the past. Those who were denied first were lam yalid (not having children) then lam yulad (not being begotten). Because many people believe that God is begotten, it is only natural that this erroneous view was first denied.

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