Interpretation of Al-Ikhlas: The Pinnacle of Faith


No One Is Equal To Him


This verse negates once again everything that equals Him either as a son or a Father or anything else. The word Kufuwan comes from the word Kufu’, namely “Sama”. While the scholars understand this word in the meaning of “Wife”. However, many scholars understand this verse to deny the existence of something similar to Him. Because the polytheists believe that there is a ruler other than Allah, for example by stating that Allah only creates good, while Satan creates evil. This verse puts this aside so that the last two verses in Surah Al Ikhlas deny all kinds of polytheism towards Allah. Because the scholars of exegesis say that the content of Surah al-Ikhlas is to establish the Oneness of Allah purely and scorch all kinds of polytheism towards Him. Rasulullah SAW himself considered this letter as: One third of the Koran (HR. Malik, Bukhari and Muslim) because the meaning contained in Surah Al Ikhlas contains one third of the content of the Koran. It should be noted that the Al-Quran contains aqidah, sharia and morals. While Surah Al Ikhlas is the pinnacle of faith.

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