The Beginning of Hijrah: Abu Jahal Tricks

Third, Umar bin Al-Khaththab, Iyash bin Abi Rabi’ah and Hisham bin Al-Ashy had promised to meet each other somewhere the next morning, after that they moved together to Medina. Umar and Iyash were able to arrive at the promised place, but Hisham was arrested by the Quraysh.

Umar and Iyash continued their journey to Medina and stopped at Quba’. Abu Jahal and his brother, Al-Harith met Iyash in Quba’ and said to him, “Actually your mother vowed not to comb her hair and take shelter from the hot sun, until she ﷺ  you.” Of course his heart felt sorry for hearing that narrative. Umar said to Iyash, “O Iyash, by Allah, if they want to trick you into leaving your religion, then avoid it. By Allah, if your mother had been tormented by lice, she would have combed her hair, and if she could not stand the heat of the sun in Mecca, she would have taken shelter.” But Iyash decided to return to Makkah with Abu Jahal and Al-Harith, so that his mother would stop her vows. So Umar said to him, “If that is your choice, then take this camel of mine and use it, because he is a smart and tame camel. Get on his back. If you doubt the intentions of your people, then immediately ride this camel to seek safety.”

Be Iyash went with both of us to Mecca. After traveling for some time, Abu Jahal said, “O my nephew, by Allah, my camel is exhausted. Would you like to ride me on your camel’s back?” “Yes,” replied Iyash. So the camel roared, and Abu Jahal climbed on his back behind Iyash. Immediately Iyash was embraced, then Abu Jahal and Al-Harith tied him up. They entered Mecca at noon. Then Abu Jahal and Al-Harith shouted, “O people of Mecca, do to the ignorant among you as you are doing now.”

These are three descriptions of what the Quraysh did to Muslims who were known to be about to emigrate. Even so, periodically Muslims can emigrate. Two months and a few days after Bai’at Aqabah Kubra, none of the believers remained in Mecca except the Messenger of Allah, Abu Bakr, and Ali, who had been ordered to remain in Mecca. There were also several other people who were forcibly detained by the polytheists in Mecca. While he has prepared everything, while waiting for orders from Allah, when is the time to leave Mecca. Abu Bakr also prepared all the necessary equipment.

Al-Bukhari narrated from Aisha, she said, “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ ) said to the Muslims, verily I have been shown the destination of your migration, which has a date palm garden located between two fertile lands.”

They also migrated to Medina. The Muslims who had migrated to Habasah also returned and migrated to Medina. After Abu Bakr was getting ready to leave for Medina, he ﷺ  said to him, “Delay your departure, because I am still waiting for my permission.” “For the sake of my father being at stake, in this condition do you still want to wait for permission?” asked Abu Bakr. He ﷺ  replied, “Yes”. So Abu Bakr postponed his departure to accompany the Messenger of Allah. He had to feed two camels and take care of them for four months. 

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