The Beginning of Hijrah: Ummu Salamah Crying

First, the first to make the hijrah was Abu Salamah, which was a year before the Bai’at of Aqabah Kubra, as said by Ibn Ishaq, who was then followed by his wife and children. When he had made up his mind to emigrate to Medina, his wife’s family said to him, “This is in your own interest, regardless of our interests. So what do you think about your wife? On what basis do we let you walk side by side with him in this land?” Then they took his wife.

Seeing this incident, Abu Salamah’s family did not want to accept it. They were offended by the treatment of one of their members. They said, “We don’t let any of our members live with the woman they forcibly took.” Then they took Abu Salamah’s son after fighting with them. Finally Abu Salamah migrated alone to Medina. Meanwhile, Umm Salamah, who was abandoned by her husband and lost her child, could only go to the middle of the desert and cry there until the afternoon. That’s what he’s been doing every day for almost a year. Seeing this state, one of his relatives felt sorry for him. Then the man said to them, “Why don’t you release this poor woman? You have separated her from her husband and child.”

So they said to Umm Salamah, “If you want, follow your husband” after he asked for his son back, he went to Medina, traveled a long way as far as five hundred kilometers, without anyone accompanied. Only after arriving at Tan’im did he meet Uthman bin Talhah bin Abu Talha. After knowing the situation, Uthman took Umm Salamah to Medina. After Quba’ appeared before his eyes, Uthman said, “In that village your husband lives. So go in there, may Allah give you, “Then Uthman returned to Mecca.

Second, when Shuhaib was about to emigrate to Medina, the Quraish disbelievers said to him, “You used to come to us in a state of humiliation and destitution. After living with us, your wealth is abundant and you get what you have got, now you want to just go with your wealth. By Allah, this will not happen.” “What do you think, if I leave my property to you, will you let me?” “All right,” they said. When Rasulullah ﷺ  heard it, he said, “Suhayb is lucky, Suhaib is lucky.”

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