The Beginning of Hijrah: Various Tricks to Fail Hijrah

After the incident of the second Bai’at Aqabah, and Islam succeeded in establishing a milestone in the middle of the desert that was surging with disbelief and ignorance, and this was the greatest result that Islam had obtained since the da’wah began, the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims were allowed to emigrate to that country. .

This hijrah is not just ignoring interests, sacrificing property and saving themselves, after many of their rights have been taken away. But it is possible that they will experience destruction at the beginning of the hijrah or at the end. This hijrah also describes a journey into a future that is completely floating, it is not known what sorrow will follow in the future. Even though the Muslims were aware of all this, they still began to emigrate. Meanwhile the polytheists tried to prevent the Muslims from getting out of Makkah. Because if this is allowed, they will realize the consequences in the future. Here are some pictures of their migration:

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