Termites Eat Boycott Charter: Part 1

Even three years of the current situation, the Prophet ﷺ  and the Muslim ummah were boycotted by the infidels. In the month of Muharram in the tenth year of Nubuwwah, the sign of the covenant (chart) hanging at the door of the Kaaba was torn apart and its contents erased. Actually the Quraysh themselves were divided between those who agreed and did not agree with the implementation of the charter. So those who don’t agree with it try to cancel it.

It was Hisham bin Amr from Banu Amir bin Lu’ay who did this. He used to have contact with the Bani Hasyim at night while bringing them food. He met Zuhair bin Abu Umayyah Al-Makhzumi (his mother was Atikah, daughter of Abdul Muttalib). Hisham said to him, “O Zuhair, you enjoy food and drink, while you also know what has happened to your uncles”. “Woe to you,” said Zuhair, “what can I do when I’m alone? By Allah, if I was supported by others, I would have canceled the charter.”

“You’ve got that person,” said Hisham. “who?” Zuhair asked. “I myself,” replied Hisham. “Then find a third person to join us!”

Then Hisham met Al-Muth’im bin Adi. After meeting him he mentioned his relatives in Bani Hashim and Banu Al-Muttalib bin Abdi Manaf and mocked him because he approved of the arbitrary actions of the Quraysh. “Woe to you,” said Al-Muth’im, “what can I do, while I am alone?”. “You have got a second person,” said Hisham. “Who?”, “I myself,” replied Hisham. “Then look for a third person!”, “I’ve done it”, “who?” Al-Mut’im asked. “Zuhair bin Abu Umayyah,” replied Hisham. “Find another fourth person to join us!”. Then Hisham went to Abul-Bakhtari bin Hisham, and said as said to Al-Muth’im. “Is there anyone else who supports this plan?” asked Al-Bakhtari. “Yes, there is,” replied Hisham. “Who?” Ask Al-Bakhtary. “Zuhair bin Abu Umayyah, Al-Muth’im bin Adi, myself and you.” “Find the fifth person again!”

Then he met Zam’ah bin Al-Aswad bin Al-Muttalib bin Asad, talked to him, mentioned their kinship and rights. “Is there someone who supports your plan?”, “Yes,” replied Hisham, then he mentioned the people above. Then they gathered in a secluded place and agreed to cancel the charter.

“I started and I will also be the first to speak,” said Zuhair. The next day they went to places used for meetings. By wearing a robe, Zuhair performs tawaf seven times around the Kaaba, then stands facing the people and says, “O all residents of Mecca, we can enjoy food and wear clothes, while Bani Hashim perishes, it is not allowed to buy and sell. By Allah, I will not sit down except after the tyrannical and cruel charter is torn apart.”

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