Lesson for the day #1

Devotion to the elders that Allah SWT commands us is a wealth of millions of wealth. The love, blessings, and pleasure of Allah SWT are

a very wide door to enter heaven. Both parents are the reason for our existence. They are the two who have brought us to live in the world. They are both tireless in caring for, educating, and caring for us. There are three charities that san-

gat loved by Allah SWT, that is prayer at the right time-yes, devotion to both parents,

and jihad in the way of Allah SWT.


Devotion to the elderly is a wonderful way to enter heaven. Do not hope to enter heaven if we disobey them both. Don’t go to heaven. Yes, heaven alone is not given to those who disobey their parents. Allah SWT said, “And We have commanded man (to do good) to his parents; his mother had conceived him in a state of increasing weakness, and weaned him in two years.


Be grateful to Me and to your two parents, only to Me will you return. ”(QS. Luqman 14) and in another letter,“ Your Lord has commanded that you shall not worship other than Him and you shall do good to your mother your father as best you can. If one of the between the two or both until old age further in your care, then once- Please tell them the same thing “Ah” and don’t yell at them and speak to them noble words ” (Surat al -Isra: 23)

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