The Prophet Was Also Complained by Babies


We are commanded to love children, especially toddlers. Children are holy people, they have never sinned. Children need caress of love, both from their parents and from other people. Do not let children get used to living in pressure and violence.

Rasulullah ﷺ  has set an example in this regard. Including the noble character that is in our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  is that when a small child is brought to him, then he immediately takes him on his lap, until there was once a baby peeing on his lap. Despite being bullied, he did not immediately hand over the baby to his family so as not to give them the impression that he was disturbed by their baby.

It was narrated from Umm Qais bint Mihshan who said that she came to the Messenger of Allah with her baby who had not eaten any food. It turned out that the baby was urinating on the Prophet’s lap, so he asked for water and immediately put it on the part that was affected by the baby’s urine. (Muttafaq ‘alaih)

It was narrated from Umm Kurz al-Khuza’iyah who said that once a baby boy was brought to the Prophet, and the baby urinated on his lap, the Prophet (ﷺ ) asked for water and created it into the urine of the baby. Once a baby girl was brought in, and the baby urinated in her lap, the Prophet (ﷺ ) asked for water and then washed the dirt she was wearing. (Ahmad, Musnadul Qaba-il 26104)

Usamah ibn Zaid has said: “In the past the Prophet ﷺ  took me and sat me on one thigh and sat al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali on the other thigh, then he hugged us both, then prayed:

“Allahummarhamhumaa fainni arhamhumaa” (O Allah, have mercy on both of them, for verily I have pity on them both.). (Bukhari, Kitabul Adab 5544, and Ahmad, Musnadul Ansar 20788)

It was narrated from Umm Qais bint Mihshan that she came to the Messenger of Allah with her son who still had not eaten food, while he was treating a fever that was bothering him. He continued his story that when the Messenger of Allah ﷺ  the treatment that Umm Qais had done to his baby, he said: “Why do you hurt your children with this kind of treatment? Even though you just use cinnamon, because cinnamon actually has seven kinds of medicinal properties, one of which is for internal ailments.”

‘Ubaidillah, the narrator of this Hadith, said that Umm Qais had told him that it turned out that his son urinated on the Prophet’s lap, then the Prophet ﷺ  asked for water, then told it to the former urine without washing it.

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