Lesson for the day #2

If You had recorded him as mine, created for me,

unite his heart with mine, leave happiness between us, so that the intimacy is eternal.


O Allah, the Most Merciful

Let us sail this life to the shores of peace and eternity

but O God, if Thou hadst destined him not to be mine,

take him away from my sight, save him from my memory and keep me from disappointment.


O Allah… The All -Understanding

Give me strength, cast its shadow to the chest of the sky, disappear with the red twilight

so that I can be happy even without being with him ..


O Allah… Beloved ..

Replace what has been lost, regrow what has been broken

although not the same as himself.


O Allah… O my Lord

Leave me with Your destiny, indeed what You have destined is the best for me, because You are All-Knowing of all that is best for this servant of Yours.


Ya Allah..

You alone are enough to take care of me in this world and the hereafter.

Listen to the groans of this weak servant of Yours.

Do not leave me alone in this world and the hereafter

leading me to disobedience and wickedness


Grant me a believing partner so that he and I may both be able to build a prosperous life on the path that You have blessed and grant us pious descendants.


Amin..amin..amin..Ya Rabbal alamin ..

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