Debate About the Charter: Story Finale

Abu Jahal who was in the corner of the mosque said, “You are a liar. By Allah, the charter must not be torn up.”, “You are much more of a liar,” said Zam’ah bin Al-Aswad, “Actually we were not willing when the charter was written.” “It is true what Zam’ah said,” said Abul Bakhtari, “In the past we were not willing to write the charter and we also did not participate in determining it.”, “You are both right,” said Al-Muth’im bin Ady, “And who who said otherwise is a lie. We declare to Allah to free ourselves from the charter and what is written in it.”

“Surely this matter was decided last night and you guys consulted in a secluded place,” said Abu Jahal.

At that time Abu Talib was just sitting in the corner of the mosque. He felt the need to meet them, because Allah SWT had advised His Apostle about this charter issue, and had sent termites to eat the charter board. He told his uncle about this. Then Abu Talib went to the Quraysh and told them that his brother’s son had said this and that.

“If he is lying, we leave what is between you and him, but if it is true, then you must stop boycotting and abusing us,” said Abu Talib. “You are fair,” they said.

What Abu Talib said was heard by the people and also Abu Jahal. Then Al-Muth’im got up and approached the charter and was ready to tear it up. He ﷺ  the termites had eaten the contents, except for the fragments of the words “bismika Allahuma (with Asmamu Ya Allah),” and every part that contained the word “Allah”, was also not eaten by termites.

Eventually the charter board was completely torn up and canceled. Rasulullah ﷺ  and his followers came out of the village. The polytheists have seen a great sign of the signs of prophecy, but they are as Allah has told, “And if they (the disbelievers) g polytheists) see a sign (miracle), they turn and say, “This is continuous magic” (Surah Al-Qamar 2). They turn away from this verse and their disbelief is getting worse.

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