Story of Ramadan: The Battle of Badr Part 1

It was Ramadan, two years after the Hijrah when the well known Badr War occurred. This implies that the Skirmish of Badr occurred around the same time when Muslims abstained during the period of Ramadan interestingly. The Muslim armed force had just 313 men, while the militaries of Abū Jahl and Abū Lahab (Quraysh) had in excess of 1300 trespassers.
The skirmish of Badr, which occurred straightforwardly on the seventeenth of Ramadan, was additionally the primary conflict that Muslims needed to encounter. The justification for this was to stop a procession of Quraysh, which conveyed their product from Levant (current Syria). The merchandise were made by the abundance of the Muslims who had been taken from them when they had to pass on their homes to relocate to Madinah.

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