Story of Ramadan: The Battle of Badr Part 2

On the seventeenth of Ramadan in 2 Hijri (13 Walk 624), the Muslims of Madinah caused a dazzling loss for the Quraysh of Makkah in the Skirmish of Badr.
There were around 14 losses on the Muslims. A sum of 313 or 317 Muslims battled against around 1000 exceptional Quraysh of Makkah.
The head of the Quraysh, Abu Jahal, was lethally injured and was ultimately killed in the fight. Around 70 men were additionally killed and a similar number were taken detainees from the side of the Quraysh.
As per Bedouin custom, three heads of the Quraysh named Shaiba, Utba and Walid receptacle Utba provoked three Muslim officers to a duel and the test was acknowledged by Obaida, Hamza and, Ali canister Abu Talib. The Quraysh pioneers battled courageously however were crushed and killed.
As per Islamic sources, the Prophet ﷺ freed the detainees of battle on installment of a payment of around 4000 drachmas. They were treated with benevolence and given food to eat and garments to be dressed. A large number of the proficient detainees were likewise approached to show ten Muslim young men how to peruse and compose, and this would be their payment.
After this loss, the pride and the force of the Quraysh were broken, while the impact of the Prophet ﷺ and the Muslims started to increment even external Medina. The disappointed Quraysh would again meet the Muslims in the clash of Uhud for vengeance.

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