The Smell of Sadness at Darun Nadwah: Part 1

After the polytheists learned that the companions of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ  left Mecca with their families, children and property to join Aus and Khazraj in Medina, it is difficult to describe how worried and anxious they were. Never before had they felt such anxiety. In front of them, lay a great danger that could threaten their economic life and paganism.

They know exactly how the personality of Muhammad ﷺ  who is very reliable in influencing others, in addition to the credibility of his leadership and the perfection of his guidance. While his friends also have a burning spirit, are submissive, ready to sacrifice in defense of him. Aus and Khazraj themselves have reliable strength, they have smart people who are known to like peace and kindness, the seeds of envy between Aus and Khazraj have also begun to disappear, after so long both sides experienced the bitterness of the war that continued to drag on. .

They also realized that Medina’s position was very strategic in the trade sector, because it was a caravan route that passed through the Red Sea coast to Sham. The trade turnover of the residents of Mecca to Sham can reach four million gold dinars every year, not to mention the residents of Taif and others. The smooth running of this trade completely depended on the safety factor of the caravan journey. Anyone from the Quraysh would have realized the great danger that posed if the Islamic da’wah based in Yathrib and its inhabitants joined forces to confront the other side.

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