Threatened Existence in Darun Nadwah: Part 2

The dangers threatening their very existence seemed to pile up. Therefore they are trying to find the most effective means to get rid of this danger, the source of which is the bearer of the Islamic da’wah flag, which is none other than the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

On Thursday 26 Safar in the year 14 of nubuwwah, coinciding with September 12 in the year 622 AD, or approximately two and a half months after Baiat Aqabah Kubra, a meeting of members of the Meccan parliament was held at Darun Nadwah, which began in the morning. This was the most important meeting in their history, which was attended by representatives from every tribe of Quraysh. They studied the most effective way to kill the flag bearer of Islamic da’wah correctly and cut off its rays from the earth’s surface.

The faces that appeared at this very important meeting were representatives of the entire Quraysh tribe, including; first, Abu Jahal bin Hisham from the tribe of Bani Makhzum. Second, Jubair bin Mut’im and Thu’aimah bin Adi and Al-Harith bin Amir from Bani Naufal bin Abdi Manaf. Third, Syaiban and Utbah, sons of Rabi’ah and Abu Sufyan bin Harb from Bani Abdi Shams bin Abdi Manaf. Fourth, An-Nadhr bin Al-Harith from the Bani Abdid-Dar, who had filled him with the contents of the stomach of an animal that had been slaughtered. Fifth, Abul-Bakhtari bin Hisham, Zam’ah bin Al-Aswad and Hakim bin Hizam from Bani Asad bin Abdul Uzza. Sixth, Nubih and Munabbih, sons of Al-Hajjaj from Bani Sahm. Seventh, Umayyah bin Khalaf from Bani Jumah.

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