Abu Jahal Proposal: Part 3

When they came to Darunnadwah at the appointed time, suddenly an old man in thick clothes appeared standing in the doorway. “Who are these parents?” they asked. Someone replied, “He is an old man from the people of Najd who has heard what you want to talk about Muhammad. He purposely came here to hear your opinion. Who knows, he can offer your opinion and advice.” “Okay. Then come on in!” they said. So the old man went in with them.

After the members of parliament were complete, various proposals and solutions were presented. There was quite a lot of debate. Abul-Aswad said, “We drive him out and get him out of our midst. After that we don’t care where he will go and what his fate will be. We handle our own business and we build unity like before.”

Najd’s parents responded, “I don’t agree with your opinion. Don’t you know that his kind and sweet words and his intelligence rule the hearts of anyone who comes to him? By Allah, if you act like that, then you will not be able to guarantee that an Arab can escape from him, then he will attack you with them and trample you on this place too. After that he did whatever he wanted with you. Think of another opinion to deal with it.”

Abul-Bakhtari proposed, “Put him in an iron frame, close the door tightly, then let him be like the fate of the previous poets (Zuhair and An-Nabighah) until he died.”

The parents of Najd responded, “By Allah, I do not agree with your opinion. for the sake of Allah, if you hold him like that, his comrades will immediately hear of his situation, and then they will come to you, release him from your grip and gather a large number of people. Maybe they can beat you. I don’t agree with this opinion. Think of another opinion.”

After these two proposals were rejected, there was one more proposal which was later accepted by all members of the Quraysh parliament. This proposal was submitted by the most evil resident of Mecca, Abu Jahal bin Hisham. He said, “By Allah, I have an opinion that I guarantee you will carry out.” “What do you think, O Abul-Hakam?” they asked.

“In my opinion, we will appoint one who is valiant, of noble blood and is used to mediate between each of the tribes. Each of our youths was given a sharp sword, then they had to surround him, then slashed Muhammad with one slash, like a man slashed until he died. That way we can feel calm from the disturbance. If they do like that, then their blood will be splattered in all the tribes, so that the Bani Abdi Manaf will not be able to fight all their people, and they will gladly accept this situation and we can accept it too.”

The parents of Najd responded, “I agree with this opinion and I don’t see any other opinion.”

Finally the Meccan parliament approved this sinister proposal unanimously. Then each member of parliament went home and prepared to implement this agreement immediately. 



Thursday, 26 Safar in the 14th year of nubuwwah, coinciding with 12 September 622 AD, or approximately two and a half months after Baiat Aqabah Kubra, the Mecca parliamentary meeting was held at Darunnadwah.

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