Scenario Allah Saving The Prophet: Part 1

Rasulullah SAW left the house on the night of 27 Safar in the year 14 Nubuwwah to the house of his true companion, Abu Bakr RA, then they both left the house from the back door to get out of Makkah in a hurry before dawn.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) was fully aware that surely the Quraysh would desperately search for him, and the only route they thought was the main route to Medina which led to the north. For this reason, he took a different route, namely the path that leads to Yemen, from Mecca to the south.

He walked this road for about five miles until he came to a mountain called Mount Tsaur. This includes uphill, difficult and strenuous roads, lots of big rocks to go through. He does not use footwear, some even say that he walks on tiptoe, so as not to leave footprints on the ground. Whatever the situation, it is certain that Abu Bakr had supported him when he arrived at the mountain and tied his body with his body until he arrived at the cave at the top of the mountain. The cave is known as the Tsaur cave With Abu Bakr

Arriving at the mouth of the cave, Abu Bakr said, “By Allah do not enter it until I enter first. If something goes wrong inside, let me be the one affected, as long as it doesn’t touch you.” Then Abu Bakr entered the cave by removing the dirt that was blocking it. Beside him he found a hole. He tore his coat in two and tied it to the hole. The other tear he wrapped around his leg. After that Abu Bakr said to him, “Come in!” So he entered the cave. Having taken his place in the cave, he laid his head on Abu Bakr’s lap and fell asleep. Suddenly Abu Bakr was stung by an animal from his hole. But he did not dare to move, for fear of disturbing the sleep of the Prophet Muhammad. Enduring the pain, tears streamed down Her face.

“What happened, O Abu Bakr?” Ask him. Abu Bakr replied, “By my father and mother who are your guarantee, I was bitten by an animal.” Then the Messenger of Allah spit on the bitten part so that the pain disappeared.

They both hid in the cave for three nights, namely Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. At night Abdullah bin Abu Bakr was always with them. Aisyah RA said, “He is a smart and intelligent young man. He left the two of them at the end of the night, and in the morning he infiltrated the Quraysh in Mecca like a man who never went anywhere. Every problem that the Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr wanted to know, he always listened to it, then at night he came to them both secretly and conveyed the news.

Abu Bakr also had an assistant, Amir bin Fuhairah who was in charge of herding his sheep. In the evening he shepherded near the cave, so that they could both fetch his milk. Amir waited for the sheep until the end of the night. That’s what he did for those three nights. Then Amir led his sheep following Abdullah bin Abu Bakr’s footsteps after leaving the cave to Mecca, to remove his footprints.”

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