Muhasabah Part 2: Life Will be Lighter in the Akhirah

His goal is that his life will be lighter in the afterlife.


Included in praying we should focus on the affairs of the hereafter. We ask Allah SWT to forgive us. Although we are not forbidden to invoke the affairs of the world.

Second, life will feel heavy because it relies on someone other than Allah. The more a person relies on other than Allah, the more depressed his soul will be and of course he will be restless. A wife who relies on her husband, can’t be happy, her life will be hard. An employee who relies on a superior will also not be calm. Who rests on the dollar, he will not be happy either. The dollar rose, he was confused. If you are still confused, then everything will be miserable.


Third, life feels heavy because it is far from God’s help. If Allah helps, then nothing is heavy. No trouble. We must be worthy people to always be helped by Allah. So, we must be obedient servants and believe in God’s help. No one can refuse calamity, and no one can bring good, except with the help of Allah (Laa haula walaa quwwata illaa billaah)

The mouth may ask for help from others, but the heart is not. We must continue to depend on God for help. Because no one can move people to help us except Allah. Take a plane for example, don’t rely on the pilot. The pilot can’t guarantee our safety either. Just depend on God. Allah is the Almighty

Written by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar

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