Muhasabah Part 1: Life Feels Hard?

In this life, many people feel that their lives are hard. His heart and mind are always restless, even though the material is already abundant. Then why is life in this world so hard? Life will be hard for several reasons. First, if the ideals of his life are only worldly. So, anyone whose ideals are wealth, position, popularity, appreciation, praise and flattery from others, get ready to live a miserable life. He will continue to be haunted by these desires. Even when he achieved his worldly goals, he did not feel happy. Because, this world is not set up by God to give true happiness. This is just a mirage of pleasure. One day these pleasures will be left behind. As for those who aspire to the afterlife, heaven, then


So if the goal is only worldly pleasures, then get ready to feel the weight of life. On the other hand, the person whose goal is the hereafter, then he will feel calm. Everything he directs to happiness in the hereafter. When he gets a test he will be patient. When tested sick, he imagines his sins are being forgiven or aborted by Allah SWT, so that the calamity does not make it difficult and heavy. Meanwhile, when he gets a favor, he will be grateful. He uses all these blessings to be a means of good in the hereafter. All of this will make his life easy. 

Written by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar

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