Sufi Prayer: The Shadow World of the Hereafter

Please know…

This world is just a shadow

Shadows of the ultimate afterlife

Therefore all pleasures and pains are mere illusions.

So do not be deceived and deceived!


More than that…

In the shadows, the right is the left and the left is the right

That is why arrogance in the world is a disgrace,

Humility is glory. Riya’ is nothingness and sincerity is fulfillment.


Pay attention…

People who are facing the image in the mirror have their back to reality

That is the person who makes the world a goal, meaning that he turns his back on the hereafter and there is nothing to be found except a vain void.

Always remember and be aware

In this upside-down world;

– only the soul that relies on God (Sumende) will be strengthened

– only the soul who wants to lay down on the praying mat will be upheld and exalted.


As well as…

Only those who let go of their ego can unite (single) with the Lord of the universe.

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