Optimistic about Ending the Outbreak

The covid-19 outbreak that has not ended makes many people tired, bored, and desperate. Eventually they no longer heed health protocols, such as wearing masks, staying away from crowds, washing hands, and keeping their distance.


We can see that heartbreaking reality around us. We may also have tired of advising those who remain stubborn or giving input to a government that is still overwhelmed with handling.


As believers, we must not give up and despair at any difficult situation, including the current severe outbreak. There are always ways and avenues that can be taken to end any problem if we do not lose hope, prayer, and effort.


Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Indeed fate does not change except by prayer. Surely prayer and destiny seek to precede each other until the Day of Resurrection.” (Hr Ahmad).


Plague is destiny and we can change and end it with prayer and endeavor.


In the book of al-Araj fi al-Faraj by Jalaluddin as-Suyuthi mentioned hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. He said to Abdullah bin Abbas, “Know that the help (Allah) with patience, spaciousness with narrowness, and with difficulty is ease” (HR Ahmad).


In another hadith, he said, “Ask Him for bounty because God loves to be asked for His bounty.” (Hr at-Tirmidhi).


Believers should never make up their prayers, nor should they underestimate their efforts. Prayer is an inner endeavor, while the effort of living a life with health protocols is the birth endeavor.


The two must be done together without denying or ignoring one another. With prayer we strengthen our mental, mind, and soul so as not to fall into despair because we believe God is our backup in the face of any difficulties. With ikthiar born, we make a real effort to realize what we hope in our prayers to end the plague.


Pessimistic attitudes will only make the condition worse and more difficult. It is a bad attitude that must be thrown out of us. That attitude does not reflect the character of the believer who is commanded to always see everything with a positive mind or husnuzan.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Let no one of you die, unless he thinks well of Allah.” (HR Muslim).


We are sure of whatever has been, is, and will happen has been written in The Lauh Mahfuzh of God which is His secret. We are only commanded to make the best efforts to end what we think is bad in our lives today. We are optimistic that we can end the outbreak soon.


Wallahu a’lam.


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