Person Who Have Abundant Wealth

Dear brother and sister, 

Difficulties come with conveniences, after tears comes the smile, and after dark there is a light. The cloud of sorrow will be gone, the misery night will be elapsed, and all of the calamity will be extinguished by the concession of Allah SWT.

Dear brother and sister,

You should know for sure your life’s on the power of Allah SWT. If you are a mother, your children will be the one who fight for Islam  only if you willingly teach them.  Your children will pray for you during sujud  and in the dawn before subuh. Being a good mother is a gift and pride, just same as the mother of our Prophet (ﷺ) who deliver noble and amazing leader for entire human in the world.

Dear brother and sister,

You already become a dai since you were born, preach all of the people to follow  the path to Allah SWT. Preach with a good word, advice which leads to wisdom, and a great choice of word even if it is denial. 

“Tomorrow, the basil seeds will be enlarge, sorrow will be gone, and happiness comes”

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